TEDx Talk: Let’s build Machines as complex as Nature
With Algorithmic Engineering into the Future of Design and Manufacturing.

Hyperganic co-founder and CEO Lin Kayser was invited to speak about the future of manufacturing at TEDxTUM, the largest TEDx event in Munich, organized at the Technical University of Munich.

In his TEDx Talk, Lin talks about the difference between conventional manufacturing, which dramatically limits what we can build — and can afford to build. With Additive Manufacturing, in contrast, for the first time in human history, we can build objects that approach the complexity of Nature — if we find a new way to design them, using A.I. and computer algorithms.

Lin showed the computer-generated rocket engine that we built at Hyperganic and printed on an EOS M290 at AM Ventures, highlighting the principles behind the design: A completely algorithmic representation, without any CAD model. The object was created using a process of digital evolution, where hundreds of variants were automatically generated and validated through physical simulation, letting only the fittest specimens survive. The end result is an “alien” rocket engine that looks radically different from what a human might design.

Also, Lin discussed, how we changed the material properties for different areas of the object by going from very high energy to print very dense areas, gradually into areas where the object became almost porous, imitating the growth process of natural objects.

See the full TEDx Talk at the offical TED channel.

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