TCT Magazine: Interview with Lin Kayser
"I’m under no illusions; this is going to be a huge shift for a lot of engineers"

This “huge shift” that Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser alluded to in his interview with TCT Magazine is the evolution in design and engineering that Hyperganic unlocks. Taking the algorithmic design that goes into today’s microchips as a prime example, Lin shared how he and his team are blazing the trail to bring the same concept and processes to other objects.

Lin highlighted the paradigm shift that Hyperganic’s tools are ushering in, the versatility of objects conceived by algorithmic engineering, and the potential challenges that such a paradigm can effectively solve. When asked about his personal motivations behind the founding of Hyperganic, Lin illustrated that his journeys as a child inspired by technology and a successful businessman rubbing shoulders with Hollywood actors had set the stage for him to enact a monumental change in design and engineering.

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