Radical Innovation in an Age of AI-based Engineering.

We don’t need Computer Aided design, we need Computer Generated design.

Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser delivered the opening keynote for the ETRIA World Conference: Future 2020.

Lin discussed why the world desperately needs radical innovation and that rapid technological change is essential to solve pressing global issues such as climate change.

A.I. based design and engineering is supercharging humans and elevates their work to to a higher level. By integrating their creative thought processes into computer algorithms, repetitive tasks can be eliminated, parts, structures and at some point entire machines can be generated automatically, in response to human input.

During the talk, Lin showcased some of the innovations Hyperganic created recently, such as the A.I.-engineered cycle helmet which was automatically generated from a 3D scan of a triathlete’s head and in response to statistical crash impact data.

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