1e9 reports: Hyperganic setting Sight on Global Expansion

“We will soon run out of time to develop all things necessary to overcome the challenges that we face today – especially climate change”

With its recent funding round led by HV Capital und VSquared Ventures, Hyperganic raised USD7.8 million that will fuel its rapid growth as it sets sight on expanding into key markets globally. Our CEO Lin Kayser shared with 1e9’s Wolfgang Kerler, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the prominent German tech media company, on how Hyperganic challenges the status quo of incremental improvements and how it radically accelerates the development of physical objects.

Lin also sheds light on Hyperganic’s capability of empowering everyday people to design and build objects as complex as nature. He stated his vision of creating Digital Physical Products, which would enable the digital transfer of algorithms for the production of physical goods. This unlocks the possibilities of real-time local production and would revolutionise the global economy by realising the potential of a more robust and flexible supply chain with a low environmental footprint.

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