Dezeen showcases A.I.-engineered rocket engine
Hyperganic Design Director Duy-Anh Pham spoke to the online design magazine Dezeen about the virtues of ai-driven design and how to develop a 3D printed rocket engine, designed by artificial intelligence....
TCT Magazine: Interview with Lin Kayser
“I’m under no illusions; this is going to be a huge shift for a lot of engineers” This “huge shift” that Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser alluded to in his interview with TCT Magazine is the evolution in design and engineering that Hyperganic unlocks. Taking the algorithmic design that goes into today’s microchips as prime example, […]...
A Change as Significant as Industrial Revolution
“You can create objects that are more advanced, more sustainable and more functional than what we have today.” In an interview with Sifted, the European startup media site backed by the Financial Times, Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser shared his vision of creating a more sustainable and functional future through advanced engineering and manufacturing. On top […]...
TCT Magazine: USD7.8 Million Raised for Global Expansion
“Hyperganic rings in a paradigm change in product design and manufacturing more profound than what we can conceive today.” Hyperganic’s coming out of stealth to kickstart a global rollout of its Core and Print Framework was recently featured by TCT Magazine, the premier 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing intelligence media outlet. This expansion will be […]...
Handelsblatt: Interview with Lin Kayser
Hyperganic’s mission to create physical objects as complex as nature was the focal point of an interview with CEO Lin Kayser, on Handelsblatt, a leading German business newspaper. After some information about the founders’ past, building image processing technology for Hollywood with their last company, IRIDAS, the interview focuses on Hyperganic and its  potential to […]...
With AI in Leonardo’s footsteps
“We want to bring Moore’s Law into the design of physical objects in order to solve global challenges.” In the latest interview with Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser, published in Süddeutsche Zeitung, he discusses the virtues of AI-generated design and his vision for a world, in which products will be traded as data. In this interview, […]...
Radical Innovation in an Age of AI-based Engineering.
“We don’t need Computer Aided design, we need Computer Generated design.“ Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser delivered the opening keynote for the ETRIA World Conference: Future 2020. Lin discussed why the world desperately needs radical innovation and that rapid technological change is essential to solve pressing global issues such as climate change. A.I. based design and […]...
Why can’t I fly to space yet?
Lin Kayser was invited to speak on Alex Mrozek’s popular German podcast series “Digitale Optimisten”. In this conversation, Lin talks about his entrepreneurial journey, from digitizing Hollywood to transforming manufacturing through A.I. with Hyperganic. If you too are wondering, why you can’t fly into space yet, if you want to know why it’s ok to […]...
Artificial Intelligence and creativity
Duy-Anh Pham, Hyperganic’s Design Director gave an interview to Develop3D about the increasing use of A.I. in product development. In this interview, he shares his vision on the future of design, what Artificial Intelligence can offer for designers and the impact it will have on their work.  MORE PRESS
The impact of Digital Physical Products
“A DPP is a physical product, a tangible object — but it is conceived, traded and shipped in digital form. At the last mile it is transformed into a physical product. Only late, shortly before it ends up in the hands of the customer, is it actually manufactured.” The trade magazine Develop3D published an essay […]...